Dr Bike

Bikeworks have been running Dr Bikes for over 10 years and in 2022 we ran over 500 sessions and serviced over 5,000 cycles!

What is Dr Bike?

Experienced mechanics will conduct a full check of your cycle and carry out minor repairs on site. For any repairs that require a bit more work, the mechanics will give detailed advice on exactly what needs fixing and roughly how much it should cost at a local bike shop.

Depending on the service you wish to provide, your company has the option to fund additional service items, such as paying to provide basic parts (brake pads and cables) to be replaced on the bikes and/or bike security marking.

Dr Bike sessions are bespoke and can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the company / event. We can provide any number of mechanics for sessions of differing lengths, according to how busy they are expected to be.

The mechanics generally need a 3m x 3m space which they can set up in. The area used can be inside or outside, although we do ask for some shelter in case the Great British weather stays true to form!

The space should be semi-contained to keep the cycles safe and allow the mechanic to control the space i.e in the corner of a courtyard, or under a marquee.

Register your interest below and a member of staff will be in touch to further discuss your requirements.

Bikeworks have worked with many large cycling events supplying mechanics providing support to cyclists on the move. From a week long trip to Glasgow to over night events in London, we’ve done it all!

Some of the Dr Bike we deliver for organisations have additional information or a booking system. If you are interested in learning more or you have been directed to our website for a specific Dr Bike location, please click on the correct button below:

Incredibly impressed after stumbling across Dr Bike today at Stratford. Absolute wonderful guys helped fix up our bikes. Came away so happy and grateful for this.

Christina, Dr Bike in Stratford, Newham


The Dr Bike sessions were amazing. Our staff and students found the service really helpful. We will certainly continue to use Dr Bike in the future.

James Perry, Imperial College London, Sports Development Manager


Just wanted to say thank you for organising our Dr. Bike mechanic today – all went well and our staff really appreciate it. The mechanic was really helpful and stayed late to help the final people.

Jake Craney, Global Finance Project Manager, Hult International Business School


Chris and John… legends. They knew their stuff and were so great at repairing my heap of a bike. I was very early and John and Chris saw me well ahead of schedule, John really took his time to get my bike back into working condition and Chris came in with some great maintenance advice. It’s clear they know and love what they do. Give these guys a medal and a trip around the Bahamas, they are great ambassadors for the company, proper old school chaps that have a wealth of experience and passion for bikes. I will be using Dr Bike again because of them.

James, Dr Bike in Eddington


Gave a thorough look at my bike and identified problems I wasn’t aware of. Very helpful and friendly, can highly recommend.

Tina, Dr Bike in Cambridge


We came across Dr Bike last Saturday. He was absolutely brilliant – totally sorted us out as well as being helpful, well organised, friendly and cheerful.

James, Dr Bike in Hammersmith and Fulham


Terry went through the basics with me and he showed me how to pump up my tyres and where on the tyre it indicated the amount and showed me how to check the chain and maintenance as mine has stretched and adjusted my brakes and showed me how to adjust my seat and the basic ABCD routine.

Katherine, Dr Bike in Hounslow


I bought a trike last year and had an accident a couple of months later. My wheel was very buckled but I couldn’t find the same wheel anywhere on line or even get a reply back from the supplier, so I was stuck! I could still ride it but it was uncomfortable and the gears weren’t working. People kept shouting out to me that my wheel was coming off, though it wasn’t, it just looked like that! I asked everyone I could think of for help but there is no-one in Hounslow who deals with tricycles and I got really messed around by bike shops in other areas, who said they could help but didn’t follow it through.

I have a disability called Fibromyalgia which is a debilitating condition and doesn’t allow me to easily do things that other people can do because of strength, stamina, low energy levels and pain.

I approached Terry and David at a Dr Bike session to ask if they could help and they said yes! Incredibly, Terry contacted the suppliers re a new wheel and they got back to him straight away! No idea how he managed it but he got them to send me a brand new wheel – free of charge. Amazing! His communication was brilliant with me also and he and Dave did follow through on absolutely everything they said. So rare!

I brought it over to Lampton park on bike hub day and then Dave put the wheel on for me and made sure my bike was road worthy for me before I left!

Both Terry and Dave are brilliant and a real credit to you and Dr Bike. They are so friendly and helpful and I love their light entertaining banter. They make you so at ease and best of all they are so professional and knowledgeable in their field and I fully trust in their efficiency and expertise.

I’m so grateful for this service! There isn’t a hope of me getting any help anywhere in Hounslow and even if I could, the prices are so expensive for parts and maintenance and the waiting lists, even then are very long. Please keep this service it’s such a brilliant idea and helps so many who would otherwise, like me, be stuck in their homes indefinitely. 

My bike is an absolute godsend to me. It’s made my life so much easier, I have high anxiety so before I bought it I would not go out for weeks at a time, I’d just get home delivery shopping but now I have my bike I’m getting out so much more. It’s now easier to get my shopping and not have to pull a shopping trolley all over town, no matter how carefully I stacked it, it would fall over and I used to have to fight with it all the way home! I have a big basket at the back so it’s really easy for me.

Also I’ve become much more sociable. I really never could have anticipated the difference my tricycle’s made to my life so Thank You and Hounslow Council and of course The wonderful Dr Bike and Dave and Terry for making it all possible for me and each and every one of us in the Borough!

Huma, Dr Bike in Hounslow


Checked my bike in with Neil and his colleague earlier (I am registered for today’s session) and just wanted to say how impressed I am. If everyone were as friendly and knowledgeable in their job, the world would be a better place. Thanks for keeping these sessions running!
Katja, Bloomberg Dr Bike


The event went really well, the tenants loved it and I we will be booking this in again. 

Joanna, Wenlock Works Dr Bike


The great thing about Dr Bike is that they can happen pretty much anywhere as our mechanics are mobile and bring their tools with them. We currently run Dr Bike across London and in Cambridge, we’ve also provided mechanics support for long distance cycle rides from Glasgow to London. If you are interested in bringing Dr Bike to your area, get in touch with the link above.