Our Impact

As a social enterprise, Bikeworks delivers social and environmental impact to achieve our mission, while being recognised for the work we do. Here are some of our highlights…

SE100 Winner Resilience 2021

During the pandemic Bikeworks repurposed itself to support our most vulnerable and isolated Londoners, from as early as week one. So impressive was this endeavour, it led to the team being awarded by Public Health England and Imperial College London cycle delivery contracts for their COVID research projects.

This work did not go unrecognised, with co-founder, Zoe, being recognised in a top 100 list of “women who showed covid who’s boss” and the whole team receiving the SE100 Resilience Award at the 2021 social enterprise awards. 

Eddie Finch, a SE100 judge and partner at Buzzacott said:

“Bikeworks has demonstrated both a long-term resilience as well as the ability to rapidly adapt during the pandemic. The pandemic posed a real risk to the organisation’s aim of addressing inequalities.”

“Bikeworks were resilient by pivoting their activities, and within a matter of days had begun to utilise their cyclists as a service to deliver medicine to the most vulnerable, reaching 11 of London’s boroughs over a period of just eight weeks.” 

“Promoting inclusive cycling remained at the heart of their purpose. When lockdown eased and activities for all ages and abilities continued, Bikeworks used cycling as a means of reducing the isolation and loneliness which many had felt as a direct impact of the pandemic.” 

Listen to co-founder Zoe being interviewed here.

All Ability Clubs

The All Ability Inclusive Cycling clubs are at the core of Bikeworks vision. These clubs are open to all, regardless of physical or learning needs or previous experience with cycling- we can find a cycle to suit you! Our first club was established in 2006 in Mile End Park and we now have 4 fixed hub locations where these clubs are delivered on a regular basis

The friendly atmosphere is what keeps people coming back again and again- in fact in this last year people attended on average 4.5 times each. 2,253 individuals made 9,953 visits to the clubs over the last 12 months. Our data shows that whilst 37% of our registered users identify themselves as having a disability, people with disabilities make up 47% of the club visits. This tells us that it is people with disabilities who are our most frequent repeat visitors to the club. And they love to come, rain or shine!

The last winter and the months since have been challenging for many people. Being stuck indoors throughout lockdown, separated from friends and family and unable to do the usual every day or pleasurable activities has had a negative impact on mental health. Those impacts have often been greater for people with disabilities. According to this ONS study, disabled people more often indicated coronavirus had affected their life than non-disabled people in ways such as their health (35% for disabled people, compared with 12% for non-disabled people), access to healthcare for non-coronavirus related issues (40% compared with 19%) and well-being (65% compared with 50%).

Bikeworks knows the positive impact that social interaction and physical activity can have on wellbeing, and it was important to us to keep the All Ability Clubs running over the last 12 months. During last winter’s lockdowns the All Ability Clubs were exempt from government restrictions on the grounds that they provide an essential service to people with disabilities.  

Imperial College Project

Between April 2020 and November 2021 we proudly provided the cycle collection and delivery service for the Imperial College Covid-19 research study. This influential study provides findings and recommendations for longer-term control of infection and accelerated the development and evaluation of vaccines. The information gathered goes all the way up to Public Health England and Government. Though we were sad to see the project come to an end, we are extremely proud to have been part of the pandemic response and we want to say a massive thank you to the 42 amazing riders who collectively cycled for 6,900 hours, which equates to 288 days and nights of uninterrupted cycling

We are passionate advocates that delivery services don’t have to be petrol-powered!  Cycling is often the fastest option when you’re battling traffic in London, and of course, is environmentally friendly.

Samuel Evetts, HPRU Manager from Imperial College London says “Thanks, Bikeworks, for your collaboration and all your team’s hard work. Together we’re making a positive difference in responding to this pandemic”

Covid-19 Response

Our courier service started in response to the need for safe and quick deliveries at the start of the pandemic and it has been growing ever since.  Within one month of the pandemic starting, our riders had made 3,000 deliveries for hospitals, community groups, housing associations and schools.  Since, then we have grown our pool of over professional riders to over 30, delivering a variety of essential items across London to vulnerable members of the community every day.

Over 1 year one later we have made over 28,000 deliveries.

Cycle Taxi - Impact Report

One aim of our Ride Side-by-Side (RSBS) Cycle Taxi was to change people’s attitude to and behaviour about cycling. An evaluation was overseen by Dr. Kay Inckle who gathered data from thirty-nine RSBS participants using semi-structured interviews and twenty seven demographic surveys. Six pilots completed mixed-methods surveys. Interview transcripts and qualitative survey data were coded and the codes were grouped and sorted to allow a thematic analysis of the data.

Read the full report here or summary of findings here.