The Cycling for Wellbeing program

A regular cycling support group providing physical exercise and social connection for people experiencing a range of physical or mental health issues and those who are socially isolated.

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Cycle Delivery Service COVID-19

We continue to provide our cycle delivery service across London. Our response in supporting our most vulnerable residents to keep safe and well.

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There is a bike experience for everyone.

At Bikeworks we sell bikes, repair bikes and provide teaching and training to help you ride or fix your bike better.


Maintenance Courses

  • Beginners Maintenance

    Our beginners course provides a complete overview of the bicycle as a machine and shows you how to perform a safety check and tune up or main moving parts.

  • Intermediate Maintenance

    Our intermediate course builds on basic maintenance skills and covers detailed gear adjustment, cable replacement and wheel truing.

  • Specialist Courses

    Our specialist courses are designed to provide in depth sessions in specific skills for people with a good background in general mechanics.