There is a bike experience for everyone.

At Bikeworks we sell bikes, repair bikes and provide teaching and training to help you ride or fix your bike better.

Our Training Centre

Find out more about our Lee Valley VeloPark training centre.



Charity Bike Factory

Our bespoke team building sessions all have a charitable focus and outcome. We can work with groups from 10-200 people in a single session.


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Mobile mechanics

Support your employees in their green commutes by having qualified mechanics come to your business or place of work and service staff bikes.



Fix Your Own Bike

Use our Maxilla Walk workshop in West London every month to Fix Your Own Bike. Free stand and tool hire with advice and guidance from our qualified mechanics. We also have low cost second hand parts available for sale.


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Location: 3 Maxilla Walk,,


  • Lampton Park

    An all ability cycling session in Lampton Park on Saturday 15th June. Read more

  • Little Wormwood Scrubs Saturday

    Saturday Club Read more

  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    June 18th 2019 11am -1pm Read more

  • Victoria Park

    June 19th 2019 1pm - 3pm Read more

Maintenance Courses

  • Beginners Maintenance

    Our beginners course provides a complete overview of the bicycle as a machine and shows you how to perform a safety check and tune up or main moving parts. Read more

  • Intermediate Maintenance

    Our intermediate course builds on basic maintenance skills and covers detailed gear adjustment, cable replacement and wheel truing. Read more

  • Specialist Courses

    Our specialist courses are designed to provide in depth sessions in specific skills for people with a good background in general mechanics. Read more

  • Wheel building Course

    Our wheel building courses cover the theory behind wheel construction, spoke calculation techniques and how to lace and true a wheel. Read more