Shop inclusive cycles

Having been established back in 2006 as an inclusive cycling organisation, Bikeworks was set-up to provide opportunities, access and specialist advice for using adapted and specialist cycles, we call these ‘non-standard’ cycles.

We believe there is a cycling experience for everyone. At Bikeworks our expertise has been developed through the delivery of our All-Ability Clubs.

Annually 3,000 disabled people, people with health conditions, and carers, enjoy our free-to-access London based activities, including use of our incredible fleet of non-standard cycles.

The Bikeworks Cycle Shop uses this expertise by providing a personalised experience. You can browse on-line the range of cycles and book a session with us to try out a range of cycles at our home on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, E20. Our specialist team will guide you through the choice and range of cycles, designed to meet your lifestyle needs.

When you buy from Bikeworks you are supporting us as a social enterprise. All our profits are reinvested back into providing free-to-access cycling experiences. You are supporting us to change lives.