General FAQs

  • What cycle do you have?

    We offer an exciting fleet of adapted and specialist cycles, including two-wheeler cycles.

    Cycles are available in various sizes and include, tricycles, hand-cycles, tandems, side-by-sides, wheelchair-platform cycles, and two-wheelers.

  • How do I access cycles from you?

    Accessing our cycles on a regular basis is through attendance of our All Ability Clubs and a variety of community cycling sessions.

    When you access sessions we will need to take your personal details and you will sign a consent form.

    The information we ask for is used for internal monitoring of usage, for our funders all information is anonymised.


  • Who do we support


    Our inclusive cycling All Ability Clubs are designed to provide access to people who are less likely to have the opportunity to cycle.

  • Is running a social enterprise difficult??

    Yes! ….

    ….. running any business is difficult!

    Running a business that’s sole role is about delivering social purpose, while financially sustaining ourselves, needs a lot of determination.

    To do this you have to believe in your vision and be motivated by purpose. It’s difficult but very rewarding. We get to see the difference made in peoples lives on a daily basis…. this makes even the hardest times worth it.

  • Can I come and visit you?

    Of course.

    Our Inclusive Cycling Centre is open Mon to Fri, opposite the iconic Lee Valley VeloPark.

    When you visit us, take time to have a look at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and spend time visiting one of the many cafes, including Change Please at Timber Lodge. Another social enterprise.

    If you are looking to fix your cycle, it’s Ana’s Shop that you will want to visit.

    Ana is at the Bethnal Green Bikeworks Repair Shop and is located at 204a Cambridge Heath Road.

    Open 6 days a week. Details of location and opening times can be found here.

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