General FAQs

  • What Bikes do You Have?

    The bikes we have at our clubs allow anyone to come along and get a cycling experience

    We have a range of bikes in various sizes available at all of our club locations and within our mobile unit.

    We have tricycles, handcycles, tandems, side-by-sides, platform bikes, and two wheeled bikes.

  • Registration Process

    How registration at the All Ability clubs works, and why we do it.

    When you attend an All Ability club for the first time we will need to take some basic personal details and have you sign a consent form.

    The information we ask for is only what is required for safeguarding purposes or information which will be anonymised and sent to our funders.

    The registration process only takes a minute or so and only needs to be completed once, unless your contact details change. When you arrive at a subsequent session we will be able to look up your name in our database and add you to the session register.

  • Who do we support

    Everyone and anyone!

    Cycling should be for all. Our all ability clubs are inclusive regardless of age, impairment, religion, race or any other defining characteristic or perceived barrier.

  • Is Running a Social Enterprise Hard?


    …..but running any business is hard! We love bikeworks because it’s rewarding and we see a real difference made to the people we work with. It’s amazing when you can observe real impact every day and it makes even the hardest times worth the hard work!

  • Can I Just Drop by to Visit You?

    Click for the answer!

    At the our Lee Valley VeloPark location our office is now behind the scenes and we do not have a public space for people to drop by and ask questions.

    Our All Ability clubs are drop in sessions and, while the staff are very busy, they may be able to answer general enquiries – details of the times and locations of the clubs can be found here.

    Our retail shop at 204a Cambridge Heath Road is open 6 days a week and if you have an enquiry about something on your bike, this is the best to go. Details of location and opening times can be found here.

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