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    What is it?

    We have a branded van which contains a range of adapted cycles. The cycles carried can be tailored to the group we are visiting – we have a platform cycle for carrying wheelchairs, a bucket cycle which seats a person in the front, various tricycles, including small ones and fixed gears, a handcycle, recumbents and side-by-sides, as well as regular two wheelers. We also have helmets, high-visibility tabards and support straps to ensure cycling is comfortable for all.


    When planning a mobile session we would need to ensure the space is suitable, something that can be done via a site visit or a simple conversation. Our staff would arrive with the bikes, set them up and run the session, with the help of support workers for those individuals who need them. We would have 2 members of staff per session and could work with a single group of up to 15 individuals for a whole session, or rotations of groups depending on aim.

    Discovery sessions

    We can offer basic discovery sessions where we introduce the bikes and the idea of cycling to a group who may have never participated in such an activity before. A discovery session can also be a good opportunity for support workers to understand what is involved with an All Ability programme to see if they feel comfortable with the equipment. Finally, it can be a good way to plan outcomes and goals for a longer programme of cycling.

    Themed Programmes

    Over the course of 5 weeks+ we can structure a programme to introduce the bikes, get the users comfortable with the bikes, and then work towards developing skills and fitness levels. The outcomes of these sessions can be determined by the customer, but could be to help develop team working skills, confidence, activity level, social interaction, listening skills, etc.

    ‘Team building’

    We can also offer sessions aimed at increasing activity and developing team work, while at the same time working on skills such as basic bike repair or bicycle handling. These sessions can be tailored to the learning needs of the group to enable full, inclusive participation. They are quite nice to run at the end of a longer programme for some groups who have been specifically working on communication, teambuilding and independence, or in school sessions with a mixed ability class.

    For more information, including costings, and to schedule your own session then get in touch on all.ability@bikeworks.org.uk or fill out our contact form here.