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  • International Women’s Day – Celebrating Jamie
  • International Women’s Day – Celebrating Jamie

    During March, we are celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting the women around us who inspire us every day.

    Meet Jamie, our Inclusive Cycling Advisor at Bikeworks. Jamie plays a central role in designing our activities and sharing knowledge across the team. An advocate for change, Jamie’s ability to influence others with her open nature and collaborative style is phenomenal. 

    Jamie at a Bikeworks All Ability Club in London

    As a highly regarded member of the Bikeworks team, Jamie shares with us her insights as a Disabled Woman.

    “Bikeworks was founded by our community in Tower Hamlets, where I’m from. It’s a London Borough that is very diverse.

    When I joined the team, right from the start I felt equal. In a way it was natural and just a given. As a woman, let alone a woman with a disability, sadly, this isn’t always the case.

    The great thing about Bikeworks is, no one is excluded. In fact they aim to champion, encourage and empower people who are often left out in today’s society.

    We use the bicycle as a ‘tool for good’ to support people who face everyday discrimination.

    For me, in my role, witnessing this and playing a role in creating the change we want to see is a very rewarding part of being involved with Bikeworks.


    Jamie Lawson, Bikeworks Inclusive Cycling Adviser taking on RideLondon 2022

    Jamie taking on RideLondon 2022

    If you’re interested in learning more about Jamie’s role here at Bikeworks, please feel free to reach out to her via our contact page.