What is Micromobility?

This term refers to machines that enable last mile (or so) trips in urban areas that can replace car trips. These machines are generally small, so take up little road space, are electric, operated by one person, and have a low momentum, meaning they have a low weight and speed (usually capped at 15.5 mph).

Machines included within this definition include: e-cycles, e-scooters, e-cargo cycles, child carrying cycles, (Segways, and e-skateboards). Many Microbility vehicles are offered as public hire vehicles as well as privately owned. Micromobility vehicles can use the current road network without any additional infrastructure development costs, as well as use dedicated cycle infrastructure. Eventually all Micromobility vehicles fall under the same legislative status as e-cycles (EAPCs), though during the current UK e-scooter trials a Cat B driving license is required.