What are Bikeworks Webinars?

Webinars are a great way to engage your colleagues from the comfort of their desks! We run two different webinars, Cycle mechanics and Safe Cycling. Both are an hour long, interactive and there is time at the end for questions and answers. They have been popular as lunch and learns or as part of a wider sustainability day. The talks can also be done in person as a seminar if preferred. Participants sign up through EventBrite and the event takes place over Zoom. There is no limit to the number of people that can attend.

This webinar will go over the basics of cycle maintenance and shows participants how to carry out repairs on their own bike. This webinar will give new cyclists the knowledge to sort out the majority of basic issues themselves meaning less visits to a workshop and less chance of the bike becoming stored in a shed for years!

Our qualified mechanic will cover:

• Roadside puncture repair – removal of wheel and tyre

• M-Check (learning how to check that major components are safe and roadworthy, making minor adjustments)

• Removal and refitting of brake blocks, balancing brake calipers

The webinar is flexible and depending on knowledge of participants  more advanced maintenance can be covered. A survey can be sent when signing up to decide what topics participants would like to be covered. All participants will be emailed a handout covering the content from the webinar + more tips and tricks.

Knowledge of the roads is key when cycling – especially in London! This talk is based on Transport For London’s safe cycling presentation. Our qualified cycle instructor will cover the following:

• How to choose the right bike

• What to consider before you start cycling

• The rules of the road

• Questions and answers

This is perfect for both experienced and new commuters who want to feel more confident on London’s roads. The webinar can be adapted depending on peoples interests and level of knowledge using a survey prior to the event.

Where can they take place?

Our friendly and qualified tutors will stream from one of our training centres. But both webinars can also be delivered as seminars at your site if preferred.


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