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  • Meet cycle taxi pilot, Erma
  • Meet cycle taxi pilot, Erma

    Introducing Erma, one of our friendly community cycle taxi pilots

    Bikeworks cycle-taxi is a free service that has launched in East and West London, offering rides to isolated and mobility-restricted residents. It’s a proving an increasingly popular service which helps get residents out and about in their local communities.

    Let’s get to know Erma:

    Which area of London to you cover?
    I mainly operate in the West –  so Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea

    What prompted you to take up a pilot role?
    I’ve always had an interest in community impact having been a foster carer for many years, working with vulnerable, young children and teenagers. Challenging, yet hugely rewarding. A Bikeworks cycle instructor, someone I know in my local community, mentioned the cycle taxi role and I thought what a great idea!

    The role not only enables me to get out and about, it means I can help others out in my local community – a great mental health boost for everyone on the taxi.


    Erma (left) with some ForBrian community members

    Erma (left) with some passengers at a ForBrian event

    Is it physically demanding?
    Oh yes, it can be, especially on some of London’s few inclines. You’ve got to be mentally switched on too – engaging with your passenger as and when needed whilst being attentive to everything going on around. It’s good fun! I really enjoy it.

    Best thing about being a cycle taxi pilot?
    I love being active  – so this role puts a big tick in that box. It also allows you to get out and about meeting people from all walks of life while making a difference in your local community. If you want to feel good….be a cycle taxi pilot!

    Any funny stories whilst out and about?
    I did have a couple of passengers who refused to pedal and for various reasons, the battery ran out and they bailed! While pedalling isn’t compulsory, it’s a great way to keep active.

    Bikeworks cycle taxi pilot Erma and a passenger in Kilburn

    What advice would you give to those tentative about booking a cycle taxi?
    Ask your pilot, at point of booking, to head to the parks or quiet streets. Green spaces in London are lovely and scenic and often quiet at certain times of the day.

    Simply put: you have the opportunity to make friends, indulge in some good conversation and get some fresh air – for anyone thinking of booking, please do!  You can even bring a friend for added moral support if you wish. It’s also a great way to learn about events taking place in your local area.


    You can learn more about the cycle taxi here.

    If you’re interested in becoming a Cycle Taxi Pilot, learn more about the job role available here.