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  • Inclusive Cycling at Ride London
  • Inclusive Cycling at Ride London

    Those of you not familiar with RideLondon, it’s an annual festival of cycling held on closed roads around London and Essex. Intended as an annual legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it was first held in 2013. In May 2022, Bikeworks took on the challenge while showcasing inclusive cycling alongside professional and amateur cyclists.

    Bikeworks team members Naomi and Jamie taking on Ride London 2022 on a two-wheeler and an adapted inclusive cycle

    Naomi (bright blue cycling top) and Jamie (right)

    This year, a few of the Bikeworks team (RL) took on the 30 mile challenge. Here’s our debrief:

    How long was the route?

    30 miles but the group decided to turn for home after 10 and then 5 miles back to the finish line, and an added 3 mile adventure back to the base in Holborn.

    Who took part from team Bikeworks?

    Our team was made up of the Advisory Board members, Mark, Zubee and Jamie along with their amazing buddies, Naomi, Robin & Simon.

    Bikeworks team taking on Ride London 30 mile challenge

    Simon, Jamie, Naomi and Mark

    What was the reason for taking part?

    The opportunity was there so we grabbed it. Sometimes actions speak louder than words and taking part was our way of showing that inclusive cycling can be possible at these bigger mass-participant events. 

    The route

    It was definitely more hilly then some of the group anticipated (!) It was crazy to think we were actually riding on motorways.

    Food featured a lot along the ride especially with snack supremos Naomi & Simon.

    Apart from the occasional negative comments by very competitive riders the support shown by other riders and support along the route was amazing.

    How many adapted cycles were seen?

    On Team RL Zubee rode a Tomcat trike and Jamie and Mark rode recumbents. We saw some other 3-wheelers and some hand-cycles on route. It would be great to get more of the Bikeworks fleet out there next year.

    I can’t find any accessibility info on the Ride London website….do we have a relationship with RideLondon events team?

    Here are some quotes from our All Ability Club instructors

    Naomi : I’m so pleased I was able to support Jamie, Mark and Zubee at Ride London. Their positivity and determination to take on this challenge is a massive inspiration. 


    Robin: Help turn a 30 mile ride into a small step on the way to making it possible for everyone to cycle

    Useful links:

    • Ride London website: https://www.ridelondon.co.uk/
    • Cycle training: https://www.bikeworks.org.uk/cycle-training/cycle-training/