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  • Imperial College London Partnership
  • Imperial College London Partnership

    Over the last 14 months its been our honour to provide the cycle collection and delivery service for the Imperial College London Covid-19 research study.

    This influential study provides findings and recommendations for the longer-term control of infections and supports the accelerated development and evaluation of vaccines, with all information gathered being shared with Public Health England.

    It just goes to show that cycle deliveries are often the fastest option when you’re battling traffic in London, and of course, good for the environment.

    We are extremely proud to have been an active part of the pandemic response, and a massive THANK YOU to the 42 amazing riders who collectively cycled for 6,900 hours, which equates to 288 days and nights of uninterrupted cycling.

    “Thanks, Bikeworks, for your collaboration and all your team’s hard work. Together we’re making a positive difference in responding to this pandemic”  Samuel Evetts, HPRU Manager at Imperial College London

    Project Manager Silvi sums it up for us, “it was a dream team of dedicated cyclists and I’ll miss being a part of such a unique project, committed to understanding the spread of Covid-19 and new variants.”

    Bikeworks continues with cycle deliveries for NHS services across Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham.

    If you’re interested in learning more about our cycle delivery service, thats both socially-minded and good for the environment get in touch with beth.nichols@bikeworks.org.uk