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  • How Bikeworks’ Cycle Delivery Service is supporting community initiatives
  • How Bikeworks’ Cycle Delivery Service is supporting community initiatives

    During 2022, our Delivery Riders made an impressive 10,000 deliveries for vital community services across London, including the Waltham Forest GP Network, Royal London Hospital and Tower Hamlets Food Hub. 

    Bikeworks launched the cycle delivery service in response to the need for safe and quick deliveries at the start of the pandemic, and we’ve been growing ever since.

    Stoy, one of Bikeworks' cycle delivery couriers

    Bikeworks Cycle Courier, Stoy

    In all-weather conditions, our pool of 30 cycle delivery riders provide safe, quick, and environmentally sustainable deliveries and collections for London communities.

    What is the Tower Hamlets Food Hub?

    The Food Hub was established during the pandemic to provide direct food deliveries to vulnerable residents The Hub has since evolved into being a key logistical centre which collates and distributes food items to support local food banks and other food aid organisations.

    Through investment of both local and central government grants, the site has gone from providing around 10 tonnes of food a week, to having distributed 1,800 tonnes of food since its inception – the equivalent of a week’s food for 45,000 families [local.gov].

    Stoy, Bikeworks' cycle courier outside Tower Hamlets Food Hub

    Bikeworks Cycle Courier, Stoy outside the Food Hub in Tower Hamlets

    How does Bikeworks help? 

    Bikeworks has a team of Cycle Couriers helping out The Hub three-days-a-week delivering food to local community organisations and individuals across Tower Hamlets. Riding is just one part of the role, the team also help sort the food and provide a friendly face to those most in need.

    At Bikeworks we believe in equipping everyone with the skills and confidence required for cycling on-road and off-road. We support other organisations and businesses by offering cargo cycle training keeping riders safe on the roads while supporting London’s zero emission goals (training in motion, below).

    Bikeworks cargo cycle training

    Are you in need of a cycle delivery service?

    At Bikeworks we offer a bespoke cycle delivery service delivered by our skilled experienced team. If you buy our services, as a social enterprise we also reinvest all profits back into achieving our mission. This includes providing free-to-access cycling clubs across London. So you’ll come away achieving both social and environmental impact, and that all important feel-good factor. 

    Register your interest online to speak to one of our team members.

    Covid-19 learnings 

    ‘I hope we don’t forget the lessons we’re learning now’ explains our Co-Founder, Zoe Portlock in this blog from April 2020. Read here.