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  • Celebrating impact at our inclusive cycling All Ability Clubs
  • Celebrating impact at our inclusive cycling All Ability Clubs

    On a Mission! Our inclusive cycling All Ability Clubs are at the heart of our vision at Bikeworks. We believe everyone should have access to cycling, and our All Ability Clubs exist to reduce barriers by providing an exciting fleet of specialist cycles, in local green open spaces, where you’ll meet our welcoming and skilled Inclusive Cycle Instructors.

    “with 48% of people with disabilities in the U.K. becoming less active since the start of the pandemic in 2020, never has it been so important to provide opportunities for increasing physical activity, while connecting people with one another.”

    Our first club was established back in 2006 in Mile End Park, Tower Hamlets. We now have 4 fixed ‘hub’ locations where we delivered throughout the year, in addition to a number of pop-up club locations, check out our monthly dates and locations here

    Feeling connected and the friendly atmosphere is why people keep coming back. Our Inclusive Cycling Instructors and regular volunteers are familiar faces, and are on hand to sign you in and provide you with expert advice on finding your preferred cycle from our exciting fleet of trikes, hand-cycles, wheelchair-platform cycles, and cycles for 2+ people.

    “If it wasn’t for the Bikeworks All Ability Club I wouldn’t have any other form of exercise. I really value it – it keeps me active, and I definitely look forward to it.” Club Member

    Creating a positive impact is about ‘more than cycling’. For members of the All Ability Clubs, being forgotten and stuck indoors, isolated, has had a negative impact on overall physical and mental wellbeing. Disabled people have been significantly impacted by the pandemic coronavirus had affected their life than non-disabled people in ways such as their health (35% for disabled people, compared with 12% for non-disabled people),

    “Sadly, it was inevitable that disabled people have not had the same opportunities, making it even more important to increase these now.” Club Member

    The exclusion experienced by so many of our members, who it was important to us to keep the All Ability Clubs running over the last 12 months.

    To hear the positive impact we’ve had watch this video filmed at Little Wormwood Scrubs, which remained open throughout the pandemic, as a vital service.

    It’s been a rollercoaster year and we salute all organisers, staff, volunteers and participants (including all 108 of you who took part in our busiest All Ability session of the year on 4th of August in Victoria Park!). Looking forwards to more of the same in the coming months!