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  • Reasons to cycle as a family in 2023
  • Reasons to cycle as a family in 2023

    In 2020, there was a 45.7% increase on the 2019 levels to 5.0 billion cycle miles. This is the highest level of cycling on the public highway since the 1960s (Department for Transports ‘Road Traffic Estimates in Great Britain: 2020’ report

    We’re committed to getting more families and young people cycling safely and confidently in London which is why we deliver free family cycle training in Tower Hamlets throughout the year.

    Isabel Guilet, Cycle Training Project Manager at Bikeworks highlights 5 reasons to consider cycling as a family this year:

    1) Our friendly family training sessions are a great opportunity to empower families to cycle together. Our instructors will teach you useful tips on how to cycle together on the road.

    In the process, you will be discovering new parks and your local area.

    2) If you’re within commutable distance of school, cycling as a family is a great way to practice  routes from home to school and back. Let our cycle instructors show you the best routes for your family so you can leave the car at home a few days a week.

    3) Children who cycle with their parents are more likely to gain road awareness and keep cycling in their adult years.

    4) With the climate crisis and traffic during school drop off, beat the queue and get the whole family on the bike instead!

    5) Family cycling is FUN! It is healthy and cheaper than driving. Come and join us!

    Our next Family Cycle Training course in Tower Hamlets takes place in Aprilview details here.