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    Ride support

    Our mechanics can come along to events you are participating in and provide private mechanical support for your team, either just at the start of the ride, or during as well.

    Maintenance Training

    A flat tyre can end a race if you dont know how to fix it and you dont have a Tour De France style support car driving right behind you with spare bikes. We can run tailored maintenance courses for your team riders so that they can take care of and mechanical issues they may face on the road and focus on their performance.

    Bike Focused Team Building

    It is important to be able to work together as a cycling team, and we think our team building programme is a great place to start. All of our challenges are bike based, and we can expand and add challenges with a more riding, developing your skills in the bunch.

    Sponsorship possibilities

    Our community focused, highly impactful programmes rely on external funding to keep going. As a social enterprise we seek funding from grants, companies and the general public. We are set-up to have people fund raise for us when undertaking any kind of challenge, but of course we particularly fit with cycling efforts. If you are looking for people to sponsor, you can set up a page on our site, and all proceeds go to the work we do, you can also chose which of our programmes you wish to support. You will then receive reports and feedback on the people we have helped with your hard earned money.

    If you would like more information on how your club or group can partner with Bikeworks, then please drop us a line on enquiries@bikeworks.org.uk or fill in our contact us form here.