Cycling for Wellbeing

Cycling for Wellbeing is a free, inclusive cycling programme designed to address the needs of people experiencing a wide range of health issues– common or severe mental health issues; anyone feeling socially isolated; and anyone wanting to be more physically active.

This program is inspired by the NHS 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing– you will build your cycling skills and confidence following the National Standard for Cycle Training syllabus. You will also be able to increase your fitness by taking part in moderately strenuous activity in line with NHS recommendations on healthy levels of exercise.

Through the program you will meet new people, enjoy the natural environment and focus on being in the present moment (taking your mind off things). You will learn new skills and feel the benefits of regular physical activity. You will be introduced to opportunities to give to others through rides to local community organisations and outdoor places of interest.

There are 4 different course types depending on your cycling skill level and you are welcome to progress through the sessions as your skills improve. Download a summary here.

Particpation Criteria: You must be an adult with health needs who is registered with a GP in Newham.

If you meet the particpation criteria, use the buttons below to book your place.

Supported by:

The course: Make new friends and explore green spaces in this welcoming, fun group. Be introduced to volunteering and wellbeing techniques on a 5 – session course structured around the 5 Steps to Wellbeing

Participation criteria: You must be an Adult who is a resident of Waltham Forest.

Who is it for? You can already balance a 2 wheeler independently and want to increase your cycling skills and meet new people whilst exploring the outdoor environment.

You can use a Bikeworks cycle for free.

Course Dates:

C4W-49_Wednesdays – 9.45am – 11.45am_Starts August 10th (then August 17th, 24th, 31st and September 7th)

Funded by:

Meeting place: Leyton Jubilee Park East Seymour Road, London E10 7BL


Some people may have additional learning or other support needs, or just need a bit of confidence to join in with group activities the first time around and we are happy to accommodate additional support workers/ friends/ ‘Buddies’.

Buddies can take part in the cycling activities at no cost, or may just accompany participants along to the session(s) to support with finding the location and getting settled in.

If you are a ‘Buddy’ and wish to join in with the cycling activities you will need to:

  • Be able to ride a bike without being supported.
  • Complete a booking form for yourself (giving consent and letting us know if you want to borrow a cycle)

If you want to learn to ride a 2 wheel cycle please sign up for the Beginners sessions. Then once you have learned, speak to the instructors to advise when you are ready to move up to the Improvers or Cycling for Wellbeing course.

If you are unsure about your cycling ability call the Cycling for Wellbeing Project Manager on 07516552875.

If you have not ridden on a 3 wheeled cycle ever before, then it is recommended you go and test one out at one of our free All Ability Clubs.

Once you know which of our 3 wheelers you are comfortable with and you want to improve your skills in a groups setting- head straight to the Improver session or the Cycle for Wellbeing group.

If you are unsure about your cycling ability or which cycles are on offer, call the Cycling for Wellbeing Project Manager on 07516552875.

We have a huge range of cycles to choose from and you can use them on these courses for free.

Let us know when booking if you want to use one of our cycles.

If you want to ride a 3 wheeled or other type of cycle, then we suggest you drop into one of our free All Ability Cycle Clubs to try out our range and select the one that best suits you for use on your chosen course. Let us know which one it is and we will try and make sure it is ready and waiting for you on the day!

To request a place on a course or session please fill out the Cycling for Wellbeing booking form. We will check the availability of spaces and get back to you by email with a full confirmation. We may need to call you to check some options or details….so please make sure your email and phone number are correct!

If you would like to refer someone please fill out the Cycling for Wellbeing Referral form.

If you would like to refer someone please fill out the Cycling for Wellbeing Referral form. We will then contact your patient/ service user and support them to complete the Booking Form. Alternatively you may support your patient to complete the booking form yourself.

If you are making a referral please make sure the patient has given permission to be contacted by us and note that all information will remain confidential and only be shared on a need-to-know or anonymised basis.

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