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    Private Cycle Training Terms and Conditions

    By registering for a private cycle training with Bikeworks CIC [hereafter referred to as Bikeworks], The Participant or their Parent/Guardian [hereafter referred to as The Participant] is entering into an agreement between Bikeworks and The Participant which relates to all training run by Bikeworks on or after the date of signup.

    Private Cycle Training

    • The Participant understands that they should bring a bike and helmet to the cycle training where these have not been requested in advance.

    The Participant understands that:

    • The instructor will contact the participant to arrange a session at a date and time that mutually works for them.
    • The paid session must take place a maximum of 2 months from the paid date. No reimbursement will be issued after this time.
    • The instructors may refuse to train The Participant if they deem their cycle to be not be roadworthy
    • It remains The Participants’ responsibility that they ride a roadworthy cycle and if they are in doubt as to whether a cycle is roadworthy they should seek the advice of a professional cycle mechanic.
    • It is the decision of The Participant to wear a cycle helmet which The Participant should provide, that is safe and suitable for use. The Participant understands that Bikeworks will not be held liable for any injury which is caused by the wearing of a helmet.
    • If The Participant chooses not to wear a cycle helmet on a training course, The Participant understands that Bikeworks will not be held liable for the result of any injury, which may have been prevented by the wearing of a helmet.
    • The instructors may, at any time, refuse to continue to train them if their behaviour or ability level is deemed to be unsuitable.
    • Bikeworks CIC is not responsible for any injury or any loss or damage to any property which is not caused by an instructor’s negligence and that Bikeworks CIC takes no responsibility whatsoever for any injury or damage to any property which occurs either on the way to or from the lesson or subsequent to lessons.
    • Having taken training it does not necessarily follow that it is safe for them to ride a bicycle. To become a proficient cyclist takes much more practice than lessons of this kind can provide.
    • The personal details held by Bikeworks CIC may be passed on to the funding providers of this training and that they may contact them to ask for details of the lesson.


    • We continue to deliver training in wet weather and it is at the discretion of the instructor to pause the training depending on safety (e.g. high winds, poor visibility, heavy rain etc.). In the event of a session being paused, the instructors will continue to teach in a sheltered location (subjects like fixing a puncture and question & answers etc.). Please bring suitable clothing for all weathers.
    • Training is cancelled when the MET office issues a Yellow weather warning for when the session should take place. The instructor will be making the call.

    Cancellation policy:

    •  You have up to 2 working days before the session to cancel or reschedule your session with your instructor. After this time we will be unable to reimburse or re-schedule your session.