Our response to supporting those most vulnerable at this time

We are working with our Community Partners on the ground, NHS Health Partnerships, Pharmacies and Local Authorities, to provide a cycle delivery service to get essential supplies, medicines and food to those who are most vulnerable during this period of self-isolation.

By joining up our knowledge and working in partnership we are able to provide a joined-up emergency service.

Each London Borough and the communities within them are reliant on a Local Authority response and at a neighbourhood level the self-organising being provided through the Mutual Aid Groups. Our Cycle Delivery service recognises this and is adding value to the amazing work being set up, developed, or already in place.

Our cyclists are known to us and have up to date DBS checks in place. All have been trained to manage risk, practice self-distancing and wear personal protective equipment. Safeguarding processes are in place, as is an increased understanding of the mental and physical needs of those we are visiting.

Who are you delivering to and what?

The Cycle Delivery is distributing essential supplies, food and medicines.

Medicines and Prescriptions:

Our current priority is to keep people safe and well in their homes. All of our NHS services are under immense pressure, because of this we are focusing on the delivery of medicines by picking up prescriptions that otherwise would not get to people.

To do this we are joining up with Health Partnerships and others who support community health, such as the Social Prescriber Link Workers. This allows us to be better coordinated and responsive.

Essential Supplies and Food:

Every community will have a localised offer in place dependent on the organisations that are there.
We have created local networks with FoodBanks, Surplus and Emergency Food organisations, neighbourhood groups and specialist organisations to join up our approach to getting these much needed items to people.

How do I find out what’s happening in my area?

Our Cycle Delivery offer is developing every day as we identify more need with our partners and respond accordingly.

Please email [email protected] and in the subject header please put the London Borough that you want more info about. Or put “Cycle Delivery”.

We aim to respond to your enquiries within 24 hours.

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