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  • Van Ramm Twinny Plus

    The Twinny Plus is designed for two people, who wish to cycle in tandem with a more stability than a standard tandem.

    The Twinny Plus has lots of space between the front and the steering wheel of the person co-driving in the rear, and the low step through make mounting and dismounting easier than on a standard cycle.

    Optional Freewheel Hub

    1. This is a function with a continuous movement of the pedal and the co-driver must pedal along.
    2. The pedals of the co-driver move independently of the pedals of the main driver. The pedals run freely and the co-driver cannot cycle.


    • Mounting and dismounting more accessible
    • Increased stability due to three wheels
    • Standard 8 gears
    • Frame height is adjustable
    • Divisible frame
    • Both riders have a low step through

    Standard equipment

    • Aluminum rims
    • Environmentally friendly paint
    • Parking brake
    • Safety lock
    • Lights
    • Five year guarantee on frame

    Further information is available on request; contact us with questions or queries on 0208 980 7998 or email enquiries@bikeworks.org.uk

    Technical Data

    Inside Leg Length
    Frame Size (Adjustable)
    Boarding Height (Adjustable)
    37.5cm front / 45cm rear
    Wheel Size
    24″ rear / 26″ front
    Max User Weight per rider