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  • Van Ramm Fun2Go Double Rider Cycle

    The Fun2Go is a double rider cycle/ three-wheel tandem, in which the users sit beside each other. One person steers, both can pedal. The two persons have a good view and can communicate well with each other due to the seats being next to each other.

    The riders can get on without having to step through and the seats can be easily adjusted to the required distance with a lever. The Fun2Go side by side tandem is easily manoeuvrable, with two wheels in the rear and one fore-wheel it can be rotated round its own axis.

    There is an optional electric engine to give power assist to help you cycle under any circumstances easily.

    Optional Freewheel Hub

    1. This is a function with a continuous movement of the pedal and the co-driver must pedal along.
    2. The pedals of the co-driver move independently of the pedals of the main driver. The pedals run freely and the co-driver cannot cycle.
    3. In this position, the pedals of the co-driver move independently of the pedals of the main driver. The co-driver can cycle along.


    • No step through, which is easier to mount and dismount
    • Comfortable adjustable seats with backrests
    • One person steers, both can pedal
    • Perfect sight and attention on the passenger
    • Many drive systems possible for both the driver and the passenger
    • Very agile, it can rotate around his own axis
    • Better communication, seats next to each other
    • Easy to use
    • Stable and firm

    Standard equipment

    • 8 gears
    • Basket
    • Hydraulic rear disk brakes
    • Environmentally friendly paint
    • Parking brake
    • Lock
    • Steering limiter
    • Adjustable seat
    • Lighting
    • Cushion seat

    Further information is available on request; contact us with questions or queries on 0208 980 7998 or email enquiries@bikeworks.org.uk

    Technical Data

    Inside Leg Length
    Sitting Height (Adjustable)
    Boarding Height 
    113cm (inc. armrests)
    Wheel Size
    Max User Weight per passenger
    120 (reinforced until 180) kg