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What is Ride Side-by-Side?

Ride-Side-by-Side is an alternative free taxi and journey service for older people, people who have mobility or visual impairments; or those facing social isolation. It’s like a pedal-powered Dial-a-Ride for up to three users at a time. Our cycles are operating within a 2 mile radius of Latimer Road (W10), Victoria Park (E3) and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (E20)

You can be picked up from your location by one of our cycle pilots using an electric-assist Side-by-Side cycle and taken to your chosen destination. Pedalling is not compulsory but highly recommended, you are equally welcome to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. You can take any number of journeys within your 1.5 hours time slot. For example going shopping, visiting a friend, going to a park or exploring your local area whilst getting some gentle exercise, it’s up to you! If you are an organisation/group we can provide the Ride-Side-By-Side cycle and cycle pilot for a half day slot so that multiple rides or journeys can take place.

Our friendly and sociable cycle pilots are there to help whether carrying shopping or helping you to get on and off the cycle. They are trained in cycling and cycle mechanics, managing risk, working with older people and all have up to date DBS checks.

What are the Benefits?

Ride Side-by-Side tackles loneliness and isolation giving users a chance to enjoy some gentle exercise and fresh air supporting proven benefits for both physical and mental health. People have the opportunity to chat with their cycle pilot, for example to tell stories about themselves and reminisce.

It will have a broader impact by reducing motorised trips and showcasing alternative ways to get around that are emissions free. The physical activity and company that service users gain access to will improve their health and well-being; and reduce their reliance on the NHS.

For more information or to book please contact nikki.ray@bikeworks.org.uk