Urenco Dr Bike

We are pleased to be able to offer free bicycle maintenance sessions to staff at Urenco.

During the 30-minute sessions, a fully trained mechanic will conduct a full check of your bike and carry out minor repairs on site. The team can also advise on larger repairs to make sure your bicycle is safe and ready for the road.

To book your space on a Dr Bike session, please select the time from the list below and then register your details.

Please note that bikes do not have to be dropped off at the specific slot time, they can be dropped off at the beginning of the day and collected at the end if that is more convenient. In this instance, the individual is responsible for ensuring their bike is locked to a stand. To amend or cancel your session or order parts, please contact us directly via our contact page or on 020 8980 7998.





We’d love to hear how your experience was. Please see feedback through the website here.

Terms and Conditions

  • Bikeworks have the right to refuse to work on a cycle if the condition is not roadworthy.
  • All deposited cycles for confirmed bookings need to be collected by the agreed time to minimise disruption to the session.