What’s the Challenge Ride all about- is it going to hurt?!

It shouldn’t hurt, no! We challenge you to plan and complete a longer bike ride at the end of the program which is a further than you might have cycled before, or for a longer duration than you have done before. It’s up to you and your group to decide where (and how far!) you want to go.

It’s a group leisure ride to a place of beauty or interest, so you will still spend time enjoying what’s around you and have a cup of tea (and cake?) somewhere along the way. Expect to ride between 7-12 miles and burn 150 – 280 calories (minus what you eat in cake), or more if you fancy it!

As well as a physical/distance challenge, this is also a chance to explore the 5th step of Wellbeing, if you want to: ‘giving to others’. When you arrive at your chosen destination, there’s the opportunity to hear about further learning programs, wellbeing activities to explore or volunteering programs on offer, if that’s something you want to get involved in. So for example, Community Gardening, Baking apprenticeships or supporting people to visit the Olympic Park and venues.

COVID-19- note that many programs are not operating in lockdown but we can still look into what opportunities might open up come spring/summer 2021!

For example, we could go to the Stepney City Farm and spend time looking at the animals, relax in the cafe or hear from the staff about the volunteering program there.

For the Challenge ride you may ride together on quiet roads as a guided group, so it’s a gentle introduction to riding on the road if you haven’t done it before.