Benefits of cycling – 2

First and foremost, we really like bikes (we also really like people). We like all types of bikes and all types of bike riders, whether they are hardcore cyclists, commuters, recreational cyclists, new cyclists, veteran cyclists, people who ride a bike to get from A-B, basically people+bikes is our jam. We are sold on the benefits of cycling and you should be too.

We are of course not the only people who like bikes, otherwise it would be pretty hard to sustain a business. In recent years there has been a surge in the number of people who are riding bikes to get around, and with good reason.

There are numerous studies on the benefits of cycling, focusing on all sorts of things such as physical health, longevity, mental health, the impact on the environment, speed of commute, benefits to the economy and tourism, etc. These things are true for all people, and London has seen somewhat or a surge of realisation as it were that the benefits of cycling could have a significant impact on our city.

Cycling as a form of commuting is also very beneficial to the health and productivity of employees, and therefore it is in the interest of employers to encourage and support cycling to work, something we feel is important to help with.

Some key benefits of cycling:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased alertness
  • Increased attention, focus and calmness
  • Improved strength and proprioception, leading to a reduction in falls an wasting in older age
  • Improved mental health – reported happiness and satisfaction is higher for groups after cycling
  • Shorter commuting time than driving – average cyclist speeds higher than those for car drivers
  • Reduced exposure to pollution – cyclists face lower pollution levels than drivers or people on public transport