If you haven't ridden a bike since you were a kid, getting back on your bike and cycling generally can seem intimidating, let alone cycling in London traffic. 

However, it is doable and there are many programmes out there to help and support you. 

Bikeability training

Every borough in London provides free cycle training to residents. Adults can have 1-2-1 sessions which are tailored to your needs and are suitable for all levels of cyclist - whether you are a complete beginner, a bit rusty, or wanting to brush up on your rush hour skills. 

We run training for residents of Hammersmith and Fulham, and there are several other providers for other boroughs. Information can be found on the TfL page here

All Ability sessions

If you want to start cycling in a safe space such as a park, or only cycle in an off-road location, then our All Ability cycling clubs are a great resource. We have all the equipment you need and are based in some great park locations. The clubs offer the chance for a short ride, and we have regular 2 wheel bikes as well as a full range of adapted bikes such as tricycles. 

In East London we are in Victoria Park and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. These are great parks to explore and have wide, open paths. In West London we are in Little Wormwood Scrubs park, which has a 1km loop around the park so is a great opportunity to build stamina as well as skills. 

Maintenance Courses

Knowledge is power. If you can keep your bike in good shape in between rides, and be able to fix a puncture should you be unfortunate enough to get one, then you are more likely to feel comfortable riding further. 

We run beginners, intermediate and commuter courses in our Lee Valley VeloPark training centre. These courses provide the skills you need to check your bike over, perform any basic adjustments necessary and replace inner tubes / repair punctures. 

Local bike shops

Being part of a community is a really great start

Useful websites / resources


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