What is Charity Bike Factory? 

Charity Bike Factory is team building with a difference. Not only will you participate in some fantastic bicycle-based challenges, but your event will also directly benefit one of our programmes or partners of your choice. The activities we run encourage communication, creativity, dexterity and friendly competition.

The Programme:

  • Briefing by the main facilitator: providing an introduction to Bikeworks and what we do, instructions and purpose of the activity, health and safety briefing and anything else specific to the group.
  • Teams break into groups and rotate through the challenges. Upon completion of each challenge the teams win a bike part, which will be used at the end for the final challenge.
  • The teams all come together at the end for the final challenge - a bike build and quiz. Each team must use their challenge prizes to finish their bike while testing their cycling based knowledge.
  • Each challenge is scored in someway and prizes are given at the end to the team who was most successful in each, including the highest score on the quiz. We take a final group photo of all participants with their prizes and bikes.  
  • After the session the bikes are safety checked by a qualified mechanic and then delivered to the designated group/organisation.

The Challenges:

Based around the core areas of Bikeworks’ activities, the challenges will consist of:

  • Re-use & Recycle: creatively designing products out of old bits of bike - make the most attractive and functional belt from an old tyre

  • Repairs & Servicing - race to complete a perfect puncture repair
  • Cycle Training: slow race on a normal bike - demonstrate your bike handling and control skills
  • All Ability cycling - guide your blindfolded teammate around a course on an adapted bike
  • Mechanical training: bike building skills - follow instructions to build your bike
  • Bicycle theory quiz to test your bikes, cycling and related general knowledge.

Why a Bikeworks team building event?

Bikeworks is a non-profit social enterprise and we reinvest all profits back into our impactful projects. For example, we run an inclusive cycling service which provides a range of adapted bikes to ride in a safe, friendly environment.

These sessions allow people to cycle regardless of ability, past experience or confidence. Each session is free at the point of access for service users, and we have recently invested in mobile unit, meaning we can reach even more beneficiaries than ever. We also run an employment and training programme, which provides training opportunities to unemployed individuals and those in need of a vocational qualification in bike maintenance or employability.

By allowing us to run your next team building event, not only will you get a range of fun, engaging and challenging tasks for your employees, you will also be helping directly and indirectly support our programmes.

The final product of the day are bikes, but you can choose whether you use children’s bikes to be donated to nurseries or schools, or adult bikes for use on bike building courses for those in need of free transport, such as homeless and unemployed individuals.

We have run a variety of styles of team building, ranging from small groups of 20 people, up to multi-day sessions catering to a whole graduate intake of 400 new employees. Each event is tailored to the needs, requirements and interests of the company involved.

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