Bikeworks has a proven record of delivering impact to the communities in which we work. We would like to partner with companies to collaboratively expand on our work while sharing the impact we generate and providing opportunities for staff engagement. 

What we can offer


We have weekly All Ability inclusive cycling sessions which benefit from the involvement of enthusiastic and helpful volunteers. 

Sessions are held during the week and at weekends in East and West London. We also have a number of ad-hoc sessions during the summer months. Being a volunteer at an All Ability session is incredibly rewarding, being able to help people get active and give them a cycling experience. Participants at the sessions always enjoy themselves and it is rare that people go away without a smile on their face. 

Volunteers help get the bikes out, set up the session and then help participants get on bikes. They are also able to go out for rides with the participants. During special events in the summer, volunteers help manage the sessions and also act as ambassadors for Bikeworks and the work we do.

Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

We work with over 10,000 people every year. The people we engage with are from diverse backgrounds and have mixed needs and requirements. Many of our programmes need financial support to keep running and allow us to have the kind of impact we do. By partnering with us and providing support for our programmes, you will share in our impact and we can work with you when producing end of year reports for boards and employees. 

Team Building Sessions 

We deliver team building sessions themed around the bicycle, more information about which can be found here

We can run our traditional team building which also focuses significantly on our functioning as a social enterprise and the way we work with communities. These sessions can help employees understand the nature of third sector work and of community engagement.