What is Ride Side-by-Side?

Ride Side-by-Side is an alternative free taxi service across specific London Boroughs for older people and people who have a mobility, social isolation, or visual impairment. Think of it as a pedal-powered Dial-a-Ride!

The pilot will pick service users up from their requested location on an electric-assist Side-by-Side cycle, and take them to their chosen destination. Users are entitled to any number of journeys for up to 1.5 hours. They can choose to go shopping, visit a friend, visit a local amenity such as local park, or just explore their areas and get some gentle exercise. They will get help at their destination, such as help with carrying shopping and getting on and off the cycle.

Users can choose to pedal or simply relax and enjoy the fresh air. Our sociable and friendly pilots will be trained in cycling and cycle mechanics, managing risk, working with older people and have an up to date DBS check. 

What are the Benefits?

Ride Side-by-Side will tackle loneliness and isolation and give users a chance to enjoy some gentle exercise and fresh air, with proven benefits for both physical and mental health. People will have an opportunity to chat with their pilot, for example tell stories about themselves and reminisce. 

It will have a broader impact by reducing motorised trips and showcasing alternative ways to get around that are emissions free.  Physical activity and conviviality will improve service users’ health and well-being and cut their reliance on the NHS.

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