Volunteering is a great way to help others, and spread your love and enjoyment of cycling. 

All Ability is a busy programme! Our regular clubs run four times a week, we run special sessions and projects with our mobile unit, and then in the summer we attend special events and festivals all over London. Our clubs happen during the week and at weekends, and we can provide evidence of your attendance if you would like it to count for workplace volunteering schemes. 

Being a volunteer with us is incredibly rewarding - it is rare that someone comes along to All Ability, goes out for a ride and doesn't come back with a smile on their face. We are regularly told that riding at our clubs is the highlight of people's week. Volunteers only add to that experience, as well as allow us to open our clubs up to even more attendees but supporting our core instructors.

As a volunteer you will help us get the bikes out and ready for a session, work with the instructors to get people registered and out on bikes, and ride around the parks with attendees. All we ask is you try to commit to attending one club session a month.

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, fill out our application form here and we will get in touch.