BMX Maintenance Course

This course is for all you BMX'ers out there! In a discipline which puts so much stress on your equipment, it is important to regularly check your components for safety and make minor adjustments where necessary.

The course covers the following:

  • Introduction to components
  • Assessing the condition of your BMX (M check)
  • Regular wear and tear to look out for (stem/headset bolts)
  • Changing break pads and brake cable adjustment (U brakes)
  • Changing chain and checking chain tension
  • Cleaning tips for a smoother ride
  • Safety requirements of a track BMX
  • Wheel truing

Drive Train and Gear Indexing

Your drivetrain is what powers your wheels and having a well maintained set can make your pedalling more efficient, and just a more pleasant experience. In this course we will cover everything you need to know to keep your peddling smooth and easy from cleaning all the way to what to do when disaster strikes. 

We also cover how to index your gears and get them shifting smoothly.

The course covers the following:

  • Measuring chain wear
  • How to wash your drivetrain
  • Lubricating your chain  
  • Replacing your chain and cassette/freewheel
  • What to do when your chain snaps
  • Gear Indexing

Hydraulic Brakes

Having reactive brakes is super important! In this course you will learn what needs to be done for the sharpest braking in terms of Hydraulics.

The course covers the following:

  • Introduction to hydraulic fluids and appropriate use
  • Demonstration of a standard bleed
  • Rotor truing
  • Rotor adaptors (matching the caliper to the rotor)
  • Shortening your hose

Commuter Course

This course is aimed at the commuter who wants to know the essentials of self maintenance without going in too much technical detail. This will enable you to deal with the most common issues encountered while cycle commuting, and be able to identify more serious issues.

The Commuter Course Covers:

  • Roadside puncture repair – removal of wheel and tyre
  • M-Check (learning how to check that major components are safe and roadworthy, making minor adjustments)
  • Rim brake adjustment
  • Assessing component wear and its impact on the life and performance of you bike

Brompton Course

Our full day Brompton Course covers everything you need to know to keep your bike folding and riding smoothly. 

If you own a Brompton you probably love it dearly and rely on it as a key part of your weekly commute. You have invested a lot in this bike, ride it a lot and servicing tends to be expensive, so why not learn how to do a lot of things yourself? 

Our Brompton Course Covers:

  • Tools required for maintenance
  • Brakes 
    • Replacing pads
    • Replacing cables and adjusting tension
  • Gears
    • Derailleur adjustment
    • Hub adjustment
    • Cable replacement
  • Cleaning and lubrication, including to enable smooth folding

Please note: We may have to cancel sessions with fewer than 3 participants, and move participants’ bookings to a suitable future date. 

Cancellations: If you cancel your booking within 72 hrs of it starting we will only be able to rearrange it to suitable future date