Terry has been a friend and supporter of Bikeworks for a long time and started coming to us about 8 years ago at our All Ability clubs. Terry was involved in a traffic accident when he was a child and has an acquired brain injury as a result. He has some motor control issues which made cycling hard, and when he first started attending sessions he was riding a tricycle. We worked with him to help him learn to balance, control and ride a two wheeled bike, which he now does independently as his primary form of transport. In fact, Terry recently brought a road bike from us so he could ride even faster. 

We have run several inclusive cycling competitions in the past decade and Terry had attended many of them, winning our most recent one on the Community Athletics Track in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Terry has also participated in other Bikeworks events, including sharing a bike with Prince Harry when he visited the Olympic Park a few years ago. 

Terry is very determined and will not let his disability limit his horizons. He would like to start doing longer distance rides and one day ride the Tour de France.