With the situation developing all the time and government regulations changing, you can be assured that we will be operating in accordance with the existing guidelines at the time of the session. 

  • Group size: Rules for the number of people for outdoor activity will be followed. As we know, COVID spreads more easily in indoor/ poorly ventilated areas- that’s why doing exercise and meeting other people is safest done outdoors. Usually there will be 8 participants with 2 instructors on this course- we will let you know if the COVID rules change and the session has to change.    
  • If you are borrowing a bike or helmet- you’ll be asked to wipe it down with sanitising spray after you use it, and the instructor will also wipe it down before allowing you to use it. Don’t feel shy to ask if it’s been done!

PPE will be available: masks, gloves and sanitiser spray for wiping surfaces are all available for you to use at the venue.