Extended Level 1 Award in Employability Skills

This qualification is a City and Guilds accredited course which will be completed through work at our All Ability clubs - the learners will act as volunteers and complete portfolios required during the sessions. The aim with this qualification is to develop the basic skills required in most lines of work - teamwork, supporting others, and health and safety. They will also receive valuable training in how to work with people with complex needs, something that will help greatly in a future job but is not often covered by other work experience or training.

404 Effective communication 

411 Working as part of a team   

413 Safe learning in the workplace 

424 Introduction to health and safety awareness in the workplace 

438 Supporting others 

441 Rights and responsibilities in the workplace 

460 Introduction to working with vulnerable adults 

The course is assessed through learner portfolios which will be based on verbal questioning, witness testimony, and some written work to produce a ‘handbook’ to take with them into work or further work experience This makes the course suitable for a broad range of learning needs and stages.

The qualification will be suitable for anyone from 18 upwards, and should provide key skills useful in a range of working environments, making it a very transferable qualification.

For details about the next course we are running or to find out more information about the qualification, please email us on [email protected]