Jim Blakemore - CEO

I set Bikeworks up in 2006 and over the past 12 years have delivered cycle training at schools and to adult, fixed  many bikes and currently co-deliver our team building programme "Charity bike factory". The majority of my day job revolves around ensuring we remain close to our social mission, including partnership building for growth and sustainability. 

Favourite Bike:

I have many bikes, maybe too many for one person however I love them all. From recumbent to BMX's, fixed wheels and mountain bikes but I love my very rare Adidas / Bombtrack  fixie, it looks great and ride smooth. 

Favourite thing about Bikeworks:

I am passionate people and I love bikes. The great thing about Bikeworks is that we see the difference we make to peoples lives on a daily basis. We have shown that the humble bike, which hasn't really changed over the past 150 years, can be used in so many ways to break down barriers so that more people can access cycling. I look forward to seeing how we can scale our work and therefore help many more communities.