Having reactive brakes is super important! Hydraulic brakes have a lot of stopping power, but adjusting them is not as simple as tweaking a cable. In this course you will learn what needs to be done for the sharpest braking in terms of Hydraulics.

The course covers the following:

  • Introduction to hydraulic fluids and appropriate use
  • Demonstration of a standard bleeding process
  • Rotor truing
  • Rotor adaptors (matching the caliper to the rotor)
  • Shortening your hose

Please note: We may have to cancel sessions with fewer than 3 participants, and move participants’ bookings to a suitable future date

Maintenance course cancellation policy: 
Participants can switch course dates (subject to available spaces) or cancel their course a minimum 1 week before the course date. Cancellations/date changes after this point can not be processed and will lose their course fee.

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