Terry has cycled since childhood. When he was six years old, he was involved in a road traffic accident when he was cycling. As a result, Terry has an acquired brain injury, difficulty using his left hand and walking causes him pain.
Terry first engaged with the All Ability cycling programme in 2006 when Bikeworks ran a club from the Urban Adventure Base in Mile End Park. At the time he rode a tricycle, which he had been given by his school as a teenager.
After a period of absence from Bikeworks, Terry re-engaged with Bikeworks on a visit to the store on Cambridge Heath Road. He asked to be included in the upcoming Special Olympics cycling programme. With the knowledge that he would be training soon, with help from his mum, he relearnt to ride a two-wheeled bicycle – a massive


Since March 2014, Terry has been attending the Bikeworks Special Olympics cycling programme at the Velopark road circuit in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on a fortnightly basis. He is currently our fastest (and most daring) athlete, with a leading time of 4min 13sec at the one-mile Velopark road circuit. 4 years on and Terry recently competed in our Inclusive cycling competition at the Community Athletic Track in the Olympic Park, where he won the longest race. 
Terry being cheered on while cycling

Impact on health

Prior to reengaging with Bikeworks, Terry experienced a period of inactivity. Since returning to Special Olympics and engaging in regular cycling he lost 10kg in seven months and feels a lot healthier. Terry also suffers from liver problems, which his doctor recently informed him is now in its best condition for a number of years, as a result of an improvement in diet and increase in physical activity. Terry has also seen a positive mental health impact of engagement with Bikeworks. Terry finds it difficult to walk long distances so cycling has given him a great deal of independence and a sense of freedom. Terry recently stated that ‘If I didn’t have a bike, I wouldn’t go nowhere because of my foot. Now I am more free'