Life before lockdown when we hadn’t ever heard of the words social distancing our Bikeworks team looked like this and we really do miss them.

They will be back! To keep you up to date we’ll be sharing with you over the next weeks our plans for the new Bikeworks summer programme, providing you with even more access to our fleet of cycles, to get you physical activity and increase your wellbeing.

You’ll get to meet our lovely team again, just don’t get this close to each other! To make sure that you don’t we’ll be adhering to social distancing rules, adapting our cycles to include shielding and using PPE to keep you safe and well.

We’ll also be back delivering our cycling for mental health programme in Newham, supporting people to make the most of cycling as an opportunity for looking after their mental wellbeing.

“The people we supported to access the All Ability Club haven’t used a bike since they were children and so understandably were a bit nervous and unsteady getting on and off. Since joining everyone's confidence has increased and we’re all discovering new places to cycle, it’s just amazing how much freedom cycling can give you." East London NHS Foundation Trust