We wanted to very quickly tell you all about a good friend of Bikeworks Graham Naylor. Four years ago Graham was involved in a snow board accident around which left him with a severe brain injury and needing use of a wheelchair. We met Graham two years ago when he first attended one of our inclusive cycling sessions (All Ability Clubs) in Victoria Park. When we first met Graham he managed to get in a recumbent and was pedalling very slowly, which required a huge amount of effort Over the past two years Graham has attended numerous sessions of our All Ability clubs, in the Olympic Park and Victoria Park. During this time we have seen him slowly progress through a number of bikes including the recumbents, to a tricycle with SPD’s. As part of our Imrpovers Cycling Program Graham has also ridden the Velopark track. This week Graham bought a tricycle through Bikeworks, which we built in our bike workshop on Cambridge Heath Road. This is a huge progression for Graham and something that literally wouldn’t have been possible even six months ago. Graham still has a long way to go in his recovery but the improvements he’s made in the short time we’ve known him are breathtaking. At a time when we’re celebrating British sports people at the Olympics we thought we give a big shout out to a true cycling hero!