In the olden days, 2019 BC (Before Corona) cyclists dreamt of the normalisation of riding. A world where anyone could access the right cycle for them, and they had the skills and felt confident about riding anywhere and anytime, and being able to ride without fear.

Over the years Bikeworks has supported this vision offering cycle and mechanics training upskilling people with their riding and their ability to fix their cycles. Bikeworks has also offered inclusive cycling sessions through its All-Ability Clubs where people with physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities could enjoy cycling off road, and get support to make on-road trips. More recently Bikeworks has been training cycling instructors to support people’s cycling.

This has worked to a degree in London where there has been a steady growth in people getting on cycles. The education Bikeworks has offered, alongside interventions by London Boroughs and Transport for London, such as lowering speed limits and creating better spaces to ride, has begun to chip away at the accepted UK norm that driving and using crowded expensive public transport is the way to travel. 

You must have noticed the many people who, during lockdown, chose to take to cycles rather than use potentially risky trains and buses. Or who chose to cycle, with their families, for their daily allowance of exercise. People have been enjoying cleaner air and quieter places as people ditched their cars, there is also emerging evidence of the link between pollution and the severity of Covid symptoms.

The Department for Transport has “re-announced" £250m for cycling, Local Authorities have widened pavements to allow walking whilst being physically distanced, and taken lanes from drivers to allow more space for riding. While Bikeworks, through its Covid -19 response has shown that many deliveries can be made using cargo cycles rather than vans.

So we are at a significant crossroads, as we consider what our travel alternatives should be, now, next and beyond our Covid crisis. As we reflect on the permanency of stopping car usage and public transport, and use feet and cycles to take the trips needed, to carry the things that need to get from A to B. Or are the lessons learnt forgotten and we revert back to the noisy, polluting, unhealthy reliance on motor vehicles.

Bikeworks recognises that this is a crucial moment. It is speaking to all of its stakeholders and influencers. Bikeworks is also speaking with a new network of partners engaged during the Covid-19 response - Cycle Delivery Service, letting everyone know that Bikeworks will:

  • Continue to grow its cargo cycle delivery service
  • Offer cycle riding and mechanics skills to people wanting to safely cycle to work, and families wanting to ride with their children
  • Enable older people to cycle using its Ride Side-by-Side service
  • Give people with disabilities access to cycling through its inclusive cycling clubs, supporting on-road trips if required, and finding the right cycle 
  • Offer employment and skills training for people seeking jobs in the cycling industry
  • Train new instructors to teach others to ride.

Bikeworks is geared up to launch its activities and services from June, enabling more people to choose cycling as the everyday choice - it's sustainable, efficient, healthy for body and mind, and most of all FUN!

David Dansky, Bikeworks Business Development Manager