Building beautiful new products out of broken bikes

There is a silhouette being cast in Bikeworks CIC these days. Our Re-use center hums with the adiabatic sounds of gas torches’ and the bitter smell of flux. Flame proof overalls are draped alongside mechanics aprons. Like a Dadaist workshop, except for the near religious use of PPE.
We’ve rolled out Creative Recycling, to run alongside our long established Re-use programme.
Accompanying the retail orientated items such as Brake Lever Coat Hooks and Up-Cycled Vintage Hub Candle Stick Holders, we will be producing some exciting show pieces from a Chess Set made exclusively from Sturmey Archer Guts to potentially a coffee bike.
All of these items are produced from items that may have once been scrap so we’re extending our crusade to keep bikes and bike parts from ending up as land fill. Up-Cycling will be facilitating the creative reinvention and the re-purposed uses for all the donations that pass through our door.
We save over 90,000 metric tonnes each year through our reuse centre. The majority of this work is achieved by refurbishing unwanted bikes and turnin them into high quality refurbished bikes. For bikes that can’t be saved we strip down parts and use them again as part of our fix your own bike clubs.
Despite all of this saving we found that there was still some waste in broken unsalvaged parts. Our aim is to become totally waste free and to achieve this we have started an upcycling programme creating interesting new products.