Tower Hamlets Cycling Programmes

Cycle training through the Bikeability syllabus

At Bikeworks we are committed to supporting local people and creating as diverse a group of cyclists as possible. We know that getting on a bike and cycling in London can still be daunting. For this reason we deliver cycle training through the ‘Bikeability’ syllabus (previously cycling proficiency tests). Whether you are a complete beginner who has never cycled before, or a seasoned commuter looking to brush up your road safety skills, we are more than happy to help out! For more information about Bikeability please see


We are unfortunately no longer the provider for adult cycle training within Tower Hamlets at the moment.


We do still run an All Ability Cycling programme in Tower Hamlets. All Ability is designed to be truly inclusive and we have a range of adapted bikes including hand-cycles, adult tricycles, recumbents, tandems, car bikes and loads more.
Read more about our All Ability Programme