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  • £25

    Tune up

    Ideal for a new bike or one that hasn’t been used for a while. This is a simple service, not replacing any new or consumable parts, but tightening cables or bolts and making any other adjustments for a smoother operating bike. We will also identify any repairs that need to be made to get you on the road.

  • £50

    Full works

    Look after your bike! This service should be performed every 6 -12 months depending on how much you ride. If your bike is used regularly certain parts will wear out; the bike will most likely need new pads and chain fitted. Also, wheels may need truing and creaks may have started to appear. An essential for the daily commuter or rider at the end of season.

  • £100

    Complete overhaul

    This service is for those that ride a lot or haven’t serviced their bike in a while. Ideally we would recommend a complete overhaul every year or two. The bike will most likely need the full cable set replacing, as well as pads and chain. Most moving parts will need to be serviced or replaced. This service suits a bike that has been neglected or over-worked.

Contact your local bikeworks to book a service


  • Min labour charge£10.00
  • Hub gear service (sturmey archer)£35.00
  • Fork fitting/threading£25.00
  • Hourly labour charge£35.00
  • Chain fitting£10.00
  • Wheel build£35.00
  • Accessory fitting£10.00
  • Chain & casette fitting£15.00
  • Wheel strip & rebuild£45.00
  • Brake service (per brake)£15.00
  • Crank fitting (single)£10.00
  • Tension & true£15.00
  • Hydraulic brakes bleed£25.00
  • Chainset fitting£15.00
  • Inner tube fit front£6.00
  • Gear service (per mech)£15.00
  • Bar tape wrap£15.00
  • Inner tube fit rear£8.00
  • Mech hanger straighten£10.00
  • Bottom bracket service£25.00
  • Inner tube fit enclosed£12.00

Fix Your Own Bike

fix your own bike image

Have the knowledge and the skills but don’t have the tools? Come to the Fix Your Own Bike open access workshop at our Bethnal Green ReUse Centre. Located behind the Bethnal Green shop, the ReUse Centre is the perfect location for this great, accessible service. The sessions work on a a first come, first served basis. Hire a work stand equipped with the full range of bicycle mechanic tools. Our Mechanics are on hand to help advise you and guide you through the vast selection of second hand parts available for purchase.

  • Fix Your Bike, Build Your Bike or Modify Your Bike
  • Thursday evenings 5.00pm – 8.30pm
  • Saturday afternoons 12.00pm – 4.00pm
  • £5 per hour

If you would like to develop your skills further so you can carry out your own maintenance and repairs, take one of our courses and get the skills and training to build your perfect riding machine.

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