Bicycle Repairs

High quality non judgemental bike repairs

At Bikeworks we provide bicycle repairs to fix any problem.

We offer three different types of servicing to suite any need. We recommend a complete overhaul of your bike at least once a year and then a ful works every six months.

Obviously there is lots you can do yourself and we also encourage cyclists to take advantage of our one day maintenance courses.

and service all types of bikes whether it is a state of the art carbon fiber time trial machine, a vintage classic, a Brompton folder and even cargo bikes. We have three full levels of servicing and have prices for individual jobs too. Our workshop can be very busy particularly over the summer so we advise booking in advance if you require a quick turnaround. You can find all of this detail below:


graphicRepairs35Ideal for a relatively new bike or one that has been in storage for a while.

This is a basic service and safety check, and does not include the fitting replacing any new or consumable parts, but tightening cables or bolts and making any other adjustments for a smoother operating bike. Any items that are fitted on top of this will incur additional labour charges as well as the cost of parts fitted

Full Works

graphicRepairs60Look after your bike!

This service should be performed every 6 -12 months depending on how much you ride. If your bike is used regularly certain parts will wear out; on this level of service not only do we degrease the drivetrain and true the wheels we commonly replace external parts on the bike such as brake pads, brake and gear cables, chain and sprockets. This is an essential for the daily commuter or rider at the end of season to keep your bike in the condition your require.