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All ability cycling

I cannot identify any member of any community who would not enjoy or find All Ability cycling suitable. It has the ability to reach out and engage all without exception!

John MacNeely Action on Disability

All Ability Cycling is access to cycling for anyone, no matter what their physical or intellectual
ability, age or confidence level. Bikeworks have specialised in All Ability Cycling since it began using a combination of specialist equipment, qualified instructors and an open invitation to come and have a go.

Bikeworks All Ability Cycling Programme aims to provide a fully inclusive opportunity to anyone who would like to cycle. The programme aims to introduce cycling as an activity to members of the community who have felt this was not open to them.


Everyone can take part who wants to have a go. The activity is particularly suited to anyone with
a physical or intellectual disability or anyone who has health issues (physical or mental) who would benefit from the confidence and improved sense of wellbeing associated with bike riding. We especially encourage parents, carers, siblings and friends to come along and enjoy a shared
experience of riding. Age and experience is no barrier.


We have a pool of a select volunteers who do an amazing job at our clubs. That being said, an extra pair of hands is never a bad thing as there is always something going on! One of our volunteers recently had this to say:

“What a great bunch of people. What could be more fun than getting out in the sunshine and fresh air, showing people how awesome and fun cycling can be. It was just the best thing I have done for ages.”

If you fancy joining in or want to have a chat about how you can help or what volunteering involves then please contact Eva (


Clubs meet at Lock House Gate entrance to Victoria Park, E3 2JU

Adults Club

  • All abilities welcome
  • No upper age limit and entirely free to join in.
  • On Wednesdays 1pm – 3pm
  • and alternate Saturdays between 1pm and 3pm

Junior Club

  • Free to join
  • For under 16s
  • Ideal for younger members, their families and carers to have a go and cycle together.
  • Bikeworks instructors provide age and ability appropriate activities.
  • On alternate Saturdays between 12pm and 1pm

 Dates for Victoria Park May-August

London Borough of Tower Hamlets – Junior 1-1s

Please click the link to view our recent video evaluation of this programme – All Ability Junior 1-1 Cycling Programme

  • Working with young people on the autistic spectrum
  • Improving cycling skills, physical health and communication skills.

Bikeworks West – Kensington & Chelsea AACC

Club meets at the Little Wormwood Scrubs Adventure Playground (W10 6AD)

Adults and Juniors Club

  • Free to attend and open to all abilities and ages.
  • On alternate Saturdays between 1pm and 3pm

Friday Group – All Ability Cycling Sessions – K&C

  • Free drop-in group
  • Every Friday from 11am to 1pm
  • All equipment is provided, come along and have a go.

List of West London All-Ability Club Dates April-July 2015

If you are a group or organisation, based in Kensington & Chelsea and are looking for more provision than the regular All Ability Club, please email or call us to discuss additional group session availability on Fridays from the Little Wormwood Scrubs location.

Special Olympics Training Programme

If you have a learning disability and enjoy cycling (on trikes or bikes) Bikeworks run a regular training programme in association with Special Olympics Great Britain (SOGB).

SOGB is the third member of the Olympic family and provides sporting opportunities for people with a learning disability. All riders have an equal opportunity to take part. This free training is offered as individual 1 hr sessions every other Saturday from both our Victoria Park (current) and Kensington & Chelsea club locations.

Training includes a range of cycling activities (all off-road) working towards competing in cycling time trial distances. This programme is ideal to build fitness and improve health and confidence, while working towards clear competition goals and being part of a team.

If you want to come along or know someone who may wish to take part, please contact Bikeworks for more information (please note booking is necessary).

General Information

Our All Ability Programme has been highlighted as a success and received the ‘London 2012 Inspire’ mark status and is accredited with Special Olympics Great Britain.

All of the above activities are carried out within off road, safe environments away from moving vehicles. Participants / carers will need to complete a one-off consent form for members prior to taking part in cycling activities.

Bikeworks are able to provide trained cycle instructors who have experience of working with disabled children young people and adults we have expert knowledge when it comes to levels of risk assessment and suitable individual programme selections.

Our mission statement is “Inclusive Cycling for All” and our priority is to offer safe cycle training to those people who have specific training requirement and needs.


Our All Ability Programme has been highlighted as a success and received the ‘London 2012 Inspire’ mark status and is accredited with Special Olympics Great Britain.

We are grateful for the support of the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea in supporting all ability cycling with Bikeworks.

Bikeworks All Ability Cycling Programme is non-profit making and relies on funding and donations to continue to provide activities for our All Ability community.

We are in constant need of equipment and resources to run the programme. This is an invitation to get involved, there are several ways to do this:

  • Sponsorship
  • Volunteering
  • Donations
  • Fundraising – especially for equipment


For more details about Bikeworks' All Ability cycling programme or to discuss ways that you or your organisation can be involved, please contact Jolyon Whaymand - 020 8980 7998.

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