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All ability cycling

At Bikeworks we are committed to creating a wide and diverse cycling community. At the heart of this are our All Ability Cycling Clubs which are designed to get people cycling whatever their level of confidence, experience or ability.

The clubs are designed to be truly inclusive and we have a range of adapted bikes including hand-cycles, adult tricycles, recumbents, tandems, car bikes and loads more.

We have three permanent clubs, but we are always looking for new funding, partners or locations so if you would like to discuss this further please get in touch.

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The clubs are completely free and open to anyone – just come along!

Our three clubs are as follows:

Victoria Park – Every Wednesday 1pm until 3pm. Alternate Saturdays between 1pm and 3pm. On Saturdays, there is an under 16s club between 12pm and 1pm. For more information please contact our team on

List of Victoria Park Club Dates January-March 2016

List of Junior Victoria Park Club Dates January-March 2016

Victoria Park AA Club entrance

Little Wormwood Scrubs (West London) – Fridays 11am until 1pm and alternate Saturdays 1pm until 3pm. For more information please contact our team on

List of West London Dates January-March 2016

Bikeworks West London All Ability Club Map

The Olympic Park (QEOP) – every Tuesday 11am until 1pm, and alternate Saturday 11-1. We meet outside the Cycle Surgery at the Velodrome. For more information contact the team on

List of Olympic Park Dates January-March 2016


For more details about Bikeworks' All Ability cycling programme or to discuss ways that you or your organisation can be involved, please contact Ben Preston 020 8980 7998.

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