Mobile Bicycle Repairs

(Pop-up Bikeworks) mobile bicycle repairs, maintenance and servicing at your workplace

At Bikeworks we provide mobile bicycle repairs across London. Each year we fix and mark over 800 bikes in business and community locations across London.

We only used experience mechanics who have worked with us for a couple of years. Almost every mechanic that we work with has come through our employment programme, meaning your organisation is also supporting us to change the lives of hundreds of people

Companies that support their staff to cycle enjoy numerous benefits. It keeps your staff healthier, your business greener and ensures that everyone is that bit more alert and engaged. Mobile bicycle maintenance is at the heart of this as for many people the initial fear of cycling can put them off. There can be an upfront cost of a bike and lots of people just don’t find the time to get their bike serviced or repaired. At Bikeworks we can help companies in a number of ways.

The largest of these is our onsite bicycle maintenance. We work with almost 100 companies each year by providing bike mechanics on site to fix, check and safety mark bicycles ensuring both your employees and their bikes are safe. Our mechanics come through our employment programme meaning not only do you get to improve your employees lives, but also keep our employment programme supporting hundreds of unemployed Londoners each year.

As a London based bike shop we also have a wide and diverse range of bikes for sale. You can see these in our catalogue below or visit us in store. We also offer companies bulk discount and bicycle road shows so get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Bikeworks Catalogue

We provide cycle training across London.

  • We also provide cycle training across London. We are able to build bespoke training for your employees that includes route planning to work, led rides and general safety awareness through the bikeability scheme.
  • If you’d like to know more get in touch via
    or 020 8980 7998