Our history and impact

Bikeworks History

Bikeworks was registered as a company in September 2006, began trading in 2007 and opened its first premises in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets in the spring of 2008.

The founding partners developed Bikeworks because they saw the strong potential for cycling to make a positive difference to the lives of people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Jim Blakemore and Zoe Portlock put together a business plan, secured some funding and began delivering a range of community based cycling. At the same time Dave Miller was developing a similar cycling focussed social enterprise in the same area of London.

After meeting up Jim and Dave decided they could achieve more by working together and so there was a ‘marriage’ of two start-ups out of which grew the successful organisation operating today. Dave left Bikeworks in 2014 but Jim still leads Bikeworks with Zoe, the boards and management team providing support.

In its short history Bikeworks has already achieved a significant amount making a positive difference to the lives of many thousands of people, winning numerous awards and expanding the reach of its work across the capital including the opening of further training centres

Bikeworks Impact

Bikeworks is committed to making as big a social change as possible. Our business plan was always to create a business that supported people through a range of activities with cycling at the core.

To clarify this and set specific targets, in 2014 we created our Theory of change (right). This sets out our three main objectives to:

  1. Create a more diverse cycling community
  2. Improve mechanical skills
  3. Support businesses to be greener.

No matter how people engage with us, we promise that everyone will feel welcome, supported, inspired and able to ask questions. We run eight different types of services:

  1. Bike Shops – in our head office in Bethnal Green
  2. Cycle Traning – across London for both adults and children
  3. All Ability Cycling – inclusive spaces where the whole community can cycle together regardless of age, disability or experience
  4. Bicycle Reuse – saving over 1,000 bikes a year from scrap
  5. An Employment Programme – supporting unemployed people into work in the bicycle industry
  6. Maintenance Courses – for begginers and intermediates
  7. Pop-up Maintenance – fixing bikes in offices and community locations across London.
  8. Teambuilding – for businesses across London.

These programmes enable us to support people to: try new things, be more independent, be more confident, be healthier, be happier.

Leading to a change in perception, more qualifications, more people into work, more people cycling, healthier happier people and a greener London for all.

To quanitfy this proiperly we have been working with PwC to produce a full impact report. You can see the initial workings of this in the infographic below. A full impact report is to follow.

Bikeworks Impact Reporting

In September 2016 in partnership with PwC we produced our first impact report. You can see a copy of this below.

Our impact report includes a full info graphic iagram which can be seen below