Frequently Asked Questions about Bikeworks

We get asked lots of questions from lots of people including universities, social entrenpeneurs and other interested parties. It’s not that we don’t want to answer but it takes away from us running our services to the best of our ability…..So we’ve made these FAQs.

If you have a question that isn’t on this list, please email us at and we will do our best to respond…and add your question to the faqs!


bikeworks team

We were founded in 2006 after the announcement that London was to host the Olympic Games.
We celebrate our 10th birthday in September 2016.
We sell a range of products and services. These include new and reused bikes, bicycle repairs and bike-related products (such as helmets, lights and locks). We also deliver and services such as bicycle maintenance (often called Dr Bikes) and cycle training directly to councils and businesses like bike maintenance at workplaces

If you’d like more information or to book a session please get in touch.

We also get a very small amount of money from donations and grant funding.

We have a theory of change which sets out our objectives and what we try to do. In 2016 we will be writing our first ever impact report. You can find both of these…..And a very short video that explains all of our services here History and Impact page
Not as such; we support around 1,500 people a year through our All Ability Clubs (inclusive cycling for all), 3,000 people through Cycle Training Programmes and we support about 4,000 people a year through our Maintenance Services.
It is a type of business that is set up for the community’s benefit, not for shareholders. We are very similar to a charity in that no ‘profit’ is extracted for personal gain – it’s all reinvested in our social programmes. We have a volunteer board who govern and guide what we do.
This changes regularly but around 30 people as of march 2016.
Yes – but running any business is hard! We love bikeworks because it’s rewarding and we see a real difference made to the people we work with. It’s amazing when you can observe real impact every day and it makes even the hardest times worth the hard work!
Not regularly. However we have delivered team building programmes and nation-wide maintenance service contracts across the uk – the furthest so far is in Glasgow down to Exeter. If you would like to speak to us about teambuilding or setting up a Bikeworks outside of london get in touch:

020 8980 7998 or

Everyone and anyone.
Cycling should be for all. Our all ability clubs are inclusive regardless of age, impairment, religion, race or any other defining characteristic or perceived barrier.
If you include our board about as many volunteers as we do staff….So between 20 and 30 people.
We do not purchase second hand bikes. Bicycle reuse has very low margins and we simply can’t afford it. This is also coupled with the fact that we don’t know if the bike is stolen and have no way of proving ownership.

We do accept donations, however due to the costs of collection we can’t come out and pick up bicycles unless you have a lot of bikes, very high quality bikes. We can’t give a precise figure as it also depends where you are….if you have bikes to donate please get in touch