All Ability Cycling

Accessible and possible for everyone

At Bikeworks we believe that cycling should be accessible and possible for everyone, regardless of age, disability or experience. To enable this we run All Ability Cycling Clubs.

The clubs are open to all and have a range of adapted cycles including tandem tricycles, side-by-side and platform tricycles.

We run three different clubs, so there is provision across London four days a week.

We also run improver sessions for people who want to take their cycling a bit more seriously.

We rely heavily on the good will on volunteers and offer plenty of benefits in return. If you’d like to get involved, get in touch!

At present we run clubs in three different locations.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Little Wormwood Scrubs
Victoria Park

Please see below for directions and maps.

We are always looking to run more clubs!
If you have a suitable space please get in touch:

What are All Ability Cycling Clubs

Our clubs are designed as a place for people to cycle, meet new people and are very much a relaxed environment designed to be accessible to all. The sessions are not coached or intensive, simply a place to try out a different type of cycling.

We have a wide range of cycles available for every need or interest. These include relaxed tricycles, high performance KMX recumbents, wheelchair bikes, hand-cycles, four person cycles, two wheeled bikes and many many more. The clubs are free and all that we ask is that you provide us with some details for reporting purposes.

Please note it is much easier if you sign up in advance of the club as it can get quite busy. There is a form immediately below.

All Ability Improvers sessions

If you are interested in taking your cycling a bit more seriously, we run improver sessions on the All Ability Track. These are specifically designed to support groups who may not otherwise feel confident using the track, whether that’s due to a disability, older age or just lack of confidence. If you are a slightly more confident cyclist it is probably better to contract the Velopark directly for professional coaching classes or support. If you are interested in taking part please contact us on

The clubs rely heavily on the good will and support of volunteers.

If you love cycling and want to help build a local cycling community please get in touch with us by calling the office on 020 8980 7998 or by emailing us at

Private Sessions

For groups or organisations working with people facing health, age or disability barriers to cycling we are able to provide closed clubs. These are sessions just for your participants with exclusive access to the bikes. To find out more about this please get in touch on

Club Locations and maps

Victoria Park

Every Wednesday 1pm until 3pm. Alternate Saturdays between 1pm and 3pm. On Saturdays, there is an under 16s club between 12pm and 1pm

For more information please contact the All Ability Team on

We meet at the Lock House gate entrance which you can access by Parnell Road

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Little Wormwood Scrubs (West London)

Fridays 11am until 1pm and alternate Saturdays 11am until 1pm

For more information please contact the All Ability Team on

We meet at the front of the park just by Dalgarno Gardens

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The Olympic Park (QEOP)

Every Tuesday 11am until 1pm

For more information contact the All Ability Team on

We meet outside the Lee Valley VeloPark, directly outside the Cycle Surgery

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Register for an All Ability Club

As part of our funding from reporters and commitment to creating a more inclusive cycling community we ask for some demographic and personal details. Please complete the form below, in advance of a club to save time queuing.

The clubs are completely free and open to anyone – just come along!

For more details about Bikeworks’ All Ability cycling programme or to discuss ways that you or your organisation can be involved, please contact one of the team on 020 8980 7998