Bikeworks Cycle Commuter Club

Introducing Bikeworks Cycle Commuter Bike Club

Bikes can fulfill many roles and uses. They can be leisure devices, mobility aids, exercise devices, tools for finding work, ways to carry cargo and of course, a means of transport. At Bikeworks we believe in the power of bikes and are involved in many aspects of cycling – inclusive cycling, mechanics training, retail, reuse, cycle training to name but a few. We are also all cyclists ourselves, either veteran or recently learners. One of our main aims as a company is to create a more diverse cycling community, and a commuter club plays directly into this, therefore it seems like a natural extension of our activities to start running a cycle commuter club.

This club, supported by a three year £10,000 grant from Cycling Grants London, will help new cyclists to become cycle commuters and support existing commuters. We will be running weekly bike trains from three locations in Tower Hamlets and Newham. This specific element will run for 6 months from April through to September and be led by cycling instructors in 2017, 2018 and 2019 initially. The train will be starting from transport hubs with access to hire bikes, so bike ownership is not necessary to get started. These rides will aim to help new cyclists make the transition to regular cycle commuter by helping them get to grips with route selection and rush hour traffic. Many of the people we take through the Bikeability program have the intention of cycling to work, but often the last step to becoming a commuter is not realized as it is currently unsupported. We also hope to provide motivation to those needing a little peer pressure to get out on the bike in the morning.

The cycle commuter club will also help provide a sense of community to those who commute from or through Bethnal Green. We have a great retail space and regularly run fix your own bike sessions and encourage people to learn to maintain their own bikes in our reuse center. Both of these areas can act as gathering places for local commuters to come and share experiences, advice and general camaraderie. Members of the club will have access to advice about riding in busy traffic, classes on how to carry out regular maintenance to keep their bikes on the road, offers on vital commuting gear and equipment and much more. Involvement can be whatever the member needs and we will encourage those who want to be more involved in the cycling community as a whole to pursue volunteering and riding with others.

Keep an eye out for a new website section launching this month. This commuter section will include tips and advice for commuters of all experience levels. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to read, do let us know! Drop us a line or come by the store for more info in the mean time.